Eritrea’s Holy Synod Returns Home after Apostolic Mission Attainment in Canada and USA

Dec 11, 2019

A delegation of the Holy Synod, comprised of His Grace Abune Lukas, Secretary General of the Holy Synod and Bishop of the Holy Diocese of Debub-Mendefera; His Eminence Abune Yohannes, Arch Bishop of the Holy Dioceses of Dubarwa and Gash Barka; and, Reverend Samuel Tsegay, Assistant to the Secretary General of the Holy Synod, returned home after an apostolic mission in USA and Canada that was held from 30 October till 12 November.

The delegation took active part in a two-day meeting of the USA and Canada’s Diocese in which representatives from 78 Churches and associations, participated in a lively environment. Members of the delegation gave detailed clarifications to questions concerning various church issues, and further elaborated on current pastoral, administrative and developmental programs and achievements.

The delegation also gave explanation concerning the Church’s ecumenical and diplomatic efforts and their outcomes.

Their Eminences also participated at the annual feast/celebration of Medhaniealem (Christ the Saviour) Church at Oakland, and officiated on liturgy, and blessed and edified the faithful.

On the occasion, five committed church servants from Oakland and one from San Jose were anointed as deacons by His Grace Abune Lukas, after successfully accomplishing their training and spiritual education in the diaspora.

Next day, 30th October, His Eminence Archbishop Yohannes, and His GrageAbune Lukas celebrated/ officiated Holy liturgies at the Holy Trinity Church, Maryland and San Jose respectively.

The delegation also held an interview and gave extensive explanation to the Voice of America, Tigrinya Service, on current issues of the Church in general, and on the case of the deposed 3rd patriarch in particular,

The delegation returned home on 09/11/2019, after accomplishing a two-week successful mission.


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